Gas Proof Sheet

Gas Proof Sheet (GP Sheet):

Bright Medi-Weld Appliances introduces high quality high density GP Sheet-Tarpaulin with thickness of different requirement. We bring forth an enthralling assortment of GP Sheets that can be availed in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses and dimensions as per clients’ specifications. Sheets are available in a variety of colours and thicknesses

Sizes: (Typically For Container GP)

32 feet X 42 feet

38 feet X 42 feet

60 feet X 40 feet (for ALP GP)

60 Feet X 50 Feet

(Also buyer requirement)

Test Certificate:

SGS, Phosphine permeability and Coating adhesion Test Certificate

GP Sheet:

Bright Medi-Weld Appliances introduces high quality, GP Sheet Tarpaulin IS with thickness of different GSM, multi-layered, cross laminated which is tested for any water or air leaks. GP Sheets & covers are durable, light weight, waterproof made to resist stains, punctures, heat. They are designed for easy handling & are available in a variety of colours and thicknesses different GSM. Both standard and customized sheet are available in any width and length. It is provided with ultrasonically welded plastic / aluminium eyelets at regular intervals. UV stabilized: unaffected even by long exposures to the sun.

Ideal for all-weather outdoor applications

100% waterproof

Bacteria and fungi resistant

Excellent gas barrier properties

Inert to most chemicals

Lightweight, flexible and easy to handle

Note: Tested to have a permeability of less than 0.02g/m2/day for methyl bromide

Products Technical

Model: NJGP18X15

Base fabric: Synthetic fabric

Coating: Same coating material on both sides to produce the desired gas barrier properly, preferably flexible PVC/ Neoprene.

Weight: Basic fabric 80gm/m2 (±) 5gm

Coated weight 500gm/m2 (±) 20 gm

Thickness: 420μ (microns)

Colour: Any light colour

Tensile strength: Warp 1400 N/ 50 mm and Weft 1250 N/ 50 mm

Extension at break: Along warp 20% across weft 20%

Tear strength: Warp 150 N/ 50 mm Weft 120 N/50 mm

Coating adhesion: 50 N/ 50 mm

Water penetration: No water penetration at 150 cm Hg pressure for 24 hours

Temperature stability: High temperature stability +70deg C no cold crack above – 20 deg C

Phosphine permeability: at a concentration of 0.07% through the sheet at 25 deg C: 0.050 µgm per m2 per second.

Hem at the turned edges: 2.5 cm (Heat sealed)

Packing: Individually packed in wooden box which can withstand rough handling.

Year of Production: 2022


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